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1986 Prototype NAS (North American Specification) Range Rover


1986 Prototype NAS (North American Specification) Range Rover

Chassis number: SALLHVML4DA265413

Registration number: D522 BDU

Engine type: V8 EFI

Gearbox type: 4 Speed Automatic

Vehicle spec:
This is the original prototype NAS (North American Specification) Range Rover, codenamed ‘Eagle’.

It was built in 1986 using the ‘facelift’ body and trim from that period. This is the only known prototype and did most of the engineering testing. It had many advanced features for its time, including amber side lamps, strengthened front and rear chassis, square tow ball socket, higher trim specification, US emissions control with charcoal canister, multi-vent fuel tank, county badge on dashboard, US VIN plate and ‘bing-bongs’!

This vehicle was the beginning of Land Rover’s re-launch in the USA.

Although a little scruffy it is completely original and works perfectly.

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