Our Charity

The Dunsfold Collection was granted Charitable Trust status in 2014. The Charity's aim is to preserve its unique and continually expanding collection of Land Rover vehicles and its extensive document archive for the benefit of future generations.

Since 1948, Land Rover has made a significant contribution to British engineering, manufacturing, cultural and trading history. The first Land Rover was the car that transformed the fortunes of the Rover company and allowed it to exceed the Government's imposed targets for export sales, while the Range Rover was one of the few global success stories to come out of British Leyland and was the car that arguably created the worldwide SUV market.

Today, the Land Rover marque remains a global success story as part of Jaguar Land Rover and is at the forefront of British automotive innovation, design and technology.

Land Rover vehicles have performed in almost every sphere of automotive activity including the emergency services, the military, overseas aid and exploration as well as being the vehicle of choice for many thousands of people around the world.

The Collection museum opened in June 2023 and displays up to 40 vehicles on rotation from the total of over 130 in the Collection's care. In addition, vehicles are exhibited at a number of Land Rover and other classic vehicle events every year. Collection vehicles are also provided to Jaguar Land Rover in support of its marketing and media events, to film companies and the media and to other organisations.

If you are an enthusiast of the Land Rover marque, please consider how you can help us achieve our aims - become a Friend of the Collection, consider making a donation or become a Volunteer.