The Dunsfold Collection Museum Launch

Sun 11th June 2023

The Dunsfold Collection Museum Launch

Sunday, 11th June 2023 will long be remembered as a milestone in the history of both the Dunsfold Collection, and the Bashall family’s involvement with the old RAF Dunsfold WW2 searchlight battery that became Common House Garage, Dunsfold Land Rovers, and finally Dunsfold DLR.

On 11th June those intertwined historical threads came together to bring us the Dunsfold Collection Museum Building, over two and a half years after Philip closed DLR and set about re-purposing the parts storage and servicing sheds into a building to house the Bashall family’s Land Rover legacy.

And happily it all it happened in Land Rover’s 75th anniversary year (a birthday that JLR seems to be studiously ignoring) and in the year that celebrates the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Dunsfold Collection in 1968.

The trustees were delighted to be able to share this great day with Friends of the Collection and Wall of Fame Supporters, many of whom go back to the earliest days of the Collection, while some have joined as recently as this year, specifically to ensure they could be there at the grand opening.

The museum will now be open to the public and you can find out more here.