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1988 Prototype Discovery 1


1988 Prototype Discovery 1

Chassis number: SALLJGBF8FA337614

Registration number: C60 JKG

Engine type: 2.5 Turbo Diesel

Gearbox type: 5 Speed

Vehicle spec:
This Discovery is one of the first Prototypes dating from 1988, although it is registered with a number that pre-dates this which was a deliberate ploy to help disguise the car.

There is evidence that the vehicle participated in cold weather trials in the Arctic Circle and after mileage tests it was used as a mule for Camel Trophy rigging and training, hence the full roll cage and winch.

The body damage was caused through many hours of off-road driver training at Eastnor Castle. At one time the vehicle was left submerged for three days in a muddy hole with water up to the waist line to test for water ingress into mechanical components. Some must have got in. because the ash trays are still filled with silt!

The years of abuse have taken their toll and it is unlikely the vehicle will ever be registered again for use on the road.

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