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2003 Discovery 3 Pre-production vehicle


2003 Discovery 3 Pre-production vehicle

Chassis number: L319-CP172

Registration number: X598 JWP

Engine type: V8 Petrol

Gearbox type: Auto Steptronic

Vehicle spec:

This is one of the many pre-production L319 Discovery 3 vehicles dating from 2003.

The base colour was white and the disruptive pattern black was added to camouflage the vehicle lines and styling for testing on the road prior to the launch. The rear lamps on this car are nothing like the final production standard and most of the interior trim is prototype. One interesting feature is the sunglasses holder installed by the rear view mirror which did not go into the production vehicle.

We believe the vehicle was tested abroad, given the GB badge and what appear to be German autobahn stickers on the windscreen.

It is quite possibly the only surviving pre-production Discovery 3.

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