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1975 Land Rover Series 111 109” Hard Top


1975 Land Rover Series 111 109” Hard Top

Chassis number: 24101343B

Registration number: SNK 869N

Engine type: 2.6 Petrol

Gearbox type: 4 Speed

Vehicle spec:

Although a generally unremarkable Land Rover Series 111 109”, this very original and quite rare 2.6 petrol vehicle is interesting in that it provides a connection to the very earliest days of the Dunsfold Collection. Brian Bashall, who started the Collection in 1968, also ran a Land Rover parts, servicing and sales business and supplied this vehicle new to its first owner in 1975.

It remained with its first owner in Buckinghamshire for all its working life, transporting plants in support of the owner’s market garden business.

With his passing, his family decided the most appropriate place for it was the Dunsfold Collection, and it was donated to us in 2013.

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