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1994 second-generation P38A Range Rover Pre-production


1994 second-generation P38A Range Rover Pre-production

Chassis number: SALLPAMJ3MA300108

Registration number: M289 CVC

Engine type: 4.6 V8 Petrol

Gearbox type: 4 Speed Automatic

Vehicle spec:

This is a First Phase Methods Build prototype dating from early 1994. There are few differences between this vehicle and the production standard early cars. The clue is the ‘CVC’ number plate.

The CVC Register was aware of the existence of this car and told us that a buyer was being sought by the owner. We moved quickly to secure it and collected it from North Devon.

The lights and wheels had been upgraded to later P38A specification so these have been changed back to standard, and as usual a new headlining was required.

The P38A was for a long time the ‘unloved’ Range Rover but is now being positively re-evaluated by enthusiasts and the very early press launch ‘CVC’ cars are being actively traced and saved by the members of the CVC Register.

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