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to the Dunsfold Collection

The Collection started life in 1993, as a progression of a private collection started in 1968 by Brian Bashall and continued today by one of his sons, Philip. The vehicle that started it all was a 1962 ex-military 109-inch APGP wader, after that the collection gradually grew larger.

Brian's interest in Land Rovers was founded back in 1953, when his girlfriend's father told him that he couldn't take his daughter out on his Vincent motorbike (sounds like a pretty sensible father to me!). The choices facing Brian were either a Jowett Bradford van, a Ford Prefect or a second hand Land Rover. To his eternal credit, Brian chose the Land Rover.
Because of his vast experience and enthusiasm for the marque, Brian's knowledge was soon being sought by writers and historians from around the world, when information on Land Rovers was needed. This 'task' has now been mainly taken on by Philip, who is internationally known and respected as a Land Rover 'Guru'.
Because of its size, the cost of looking after such a unique collection of Land Rovers was becoming rather too heavy for the Bashalls to bear. It was therefore decided in 1993 to offer 'Friendship' of the Collection to like minded individuals, for a small annual donation. So, on Saturday 24th October 1993, the first Open Day (just the one day back then) was held in a field in Dunsfold.

Gradually, the Collection grew in size and today numbers around ninety vehicles and the Open Day became an Open Weekend when all the vehicles are on display. The main aim of the Collection is to preserve some of the more interesting and unusual vehicles from our Land Rover heritage. These range from the Series One, through to the Freelander and Evoque. It includes many rare prototype, pre-production and one off vehicles. As far as we are aware the Dunsfold Collection is the largest private collection of Land Rovers in the world.

The Collection is grateful for the continued support of both Land Rover and the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon.
Without their support, many of the vehicles in the collection today, would have been lost forever.

Some of the photos used are from mixed sources so thank you to all who have let us have use of them.

Please note that the Collection does not have a permanent home. Therefore, viewing of the vehicles is only possible at our Open Weekends.