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1972 Series 111 109” Diesel

Chassis number: 91600876A

Registration number: HGJ 242K

Engine type: 2,286cc Diesel

Gearbox type: 4 Speed

Vehicle spec:
This Series 111 is very original and has had only two owners from new. It requires some remedial work to the chassis but we have decided to preserve it in its totally original condition.  

109” diesels were pretty rare, with the vast majority being used by fleet and commercial users so to find one in such beautiful and unrestored condition is unusual.

The first owner used it to transport his bees so it has led a gentle life.

The paint is mostly original and the interior is mint. The patchy paintwork is quite common on older vehicles as at that time paintwork damage on the production line was common and rectification of such damage was usually completed on the line.