Social Section donation to the Wall of Fame!

Tuesday 17th December 2019

Social Section donation to the Wall of Fame!

The trustees would like to thank all Social Section members past and present for their generous donation following the closure of their club, latterley known as the Surrey Hills Land Rover Club, and would also like to thank them for the all help and support they have given to the Collection over many years.  

There are too many volunteers, supporters and friends to mention but just some of those involved over the years were Cyril Smeeth, Barry and Andrew Simpson, Laurie Wright, Mike and Tim Miles, Nick Carter, Collen Sutcliffe, Alison Boyce, Paul Barton, Nikki and Steve Eaton, John, Jan and Josh Richardson, Warwick Hutchinson, Matt Sewell and many more.

The Social Section and SHLRC provided a core and dependable group of volunteers that has helped the Collection in many ways, including creating our Newsletter, manning exhibition and show stands, vehicle cleaning and transportation, helping to organise and run the Collection Open Weekend, and so on. We remain grateful for their support.

The Collection continues to rely on the help of volunteers and if you are interested in assisting please get in touch with Philip.