Second oldest Discovery 3 on the road

Monday 13th July 2020

Second oldest Discovery 3 on the road

This is the second oldest Pre-production Discovery 3 that we are aware of still on the road. It is one of a batch of Methods Build or Tool Try-out vehicles and most seem to have all been registered at the same time carrying the VX prefix and D** suffix.

VX04 DFA is a most unusual specification being what must have been the most basic model you could order: coil springs, manual gearbox, 5 seats, no sat-nav, 17-inch alloy wheels, no glass roof, no terrain response. base spec headlamps and cloth trim being among many of the cost saving things on the vehicle.

These days most of the pre-production builds are scrapped or tested to destruction so to have an early pre-launch car is quite rare. It seems to have led quite a pampered life and is in a remarkably original condition. It still performs well and attracts a lot of attention.

Its first owner after Land Rover disposed of it was main dealer Yeovil Land Rover and it then lived in the West Country for ten years before moving to the Midlands with its next owner. It was spotted by Chris Bishop of Bishop’s 4x4 who added it to his own collection and shortly afterwards it featured in ‘Land Rover Monthly’ magazine.

We acquired it from Chris in 2019 with 127,000 miles on the clock.