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1991 Challenger Prototype


1991 Challenger Prototype

Chassis number: JUNO01

Registration number: None

Engine type: 2.5 Gem 2 TDi

Gearbox type: 4 Speed

Vehicle spec:
This is one of three Challenger Prototypes built in 1991. The idea was to have a common platform for all vehicles in the Land Rover model range.

The chassis and cab are based on the Discovery 1 and the body is hand made to fit the 114” chassis. The vehicle was the only military-style pick-up made although it is really only a mock-up and never intended to be driven – even the sills are made of wood! The other two were civilian station wagons. On this vehicle the door tops and windscreen are removable to create a low silhouette vehicle.

The engine is a prototype of the 300TDi Gemini 2 (although the air cleaner was never made) and the gearbox is a Range Rover 4 speed automatic. The axles are Discovery to Camel Trophy specification. Electrics are 12V and 24V.

This is the only surviving Challenger – the other two were crushed.

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