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1983 Land Rover 110” MoD Evaluation Vehicle


1983 Land Rover 110” MoD Evaluation Vehicle

Chassis number: SALLDSAD2AA192312

Registration number: CAP 386Y

Engine type: 2.25 Petrol

Gearbox type: 5 Speed

Vehicle spec:
This very early build 110” is one of a batch of early vehicles trialled by the MoD during 1983. The British Army was quite late in deciding to purchase coil-sprung vehicles having chosen to retain its leaf-spring Series 111s.

This vehicle was built to a cost-saving specification with civilian lamps. It was trialled at Bagshot prior to ending up as a loading aid for Chinook helicopters at RAF Odiham.

We purchased it directly from MoD sales in July 2011.

Worthy of note are the twin fuel tanks, petrol engine, odd bonnet, tow points, early hood fixings and silver-painted windscreen frame. It still retains its computer data wires and sensors.

Very few of these early trials vehicles survive and we had to pay a high price to stop it going out of the country.

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