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1993 Pre-production Freelander 1 5-door


1993 Pre-production Freelander 1 5-door

Chassis number: 60000000015

Registration number: K385 OEJ

Engine type: 2.0 Diesel

Gearbox type: 5 Speed

Vehicle spec:
This is a Pre-production 5-door Freelander 1.  It still carries many rare features unique to the pre-production vehicles. Note the heavy duty nudge bar, mesh grille, uninspiring and drab colour scheme, smooth plastic trim, odd graphics and lack of Land Rover badging. There is also evidence of paint camouflage around the head lamps.

The car still has its original test diesel engine and gearbox. We also have a sister 3-door petrol prototype.

We think this vehicle was used for hot climate trials in Australia.

Of some 150 pre-production Freelanders, very few have survived the crusher.

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