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1976 Prototype Land Rover 110” coil-sprung


1976 Prototype Land Rover 110” coil-sprung

Chassis number: n/a

Registration number: n/a

Engine type: 3.5 V8 Petrol

Gearbox type: 4 Speed

Vehicle spec:
This is one of a batch of four prototypes for the 110” coil-sprung long wheelbase Land Rover which were built in 1976.

Based on a Range Rover chassis stretched by ten inches and modified at the rear to accept a 109-type fuel tank and cross member. The axles and suspension are also Range Rover components, as are the wheels and some dash parts.

The body is a modified Series 111 109” and the bonnet and grille are prototype 109 V8 types. These 110” prototypes were actually built before the 109” V8 went on sale!

The inner front wings are aluminium which was not carried forward into production. The one-piece windscreen and wheel arch eyebrows are also prototype.

The vehicle is known as ‘Green Wings’ although we have absolutely no idea why!

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