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1998 Farmer’s Friend Concept Vehicle


1998 Farmer’s Friend Concept Vehicle

Chassis number: DLR05

Registration number: None

Engine type: 1.2 3cyl Petrol

Gearbox type: 5 Speed

Vehicle spec:

This amazing vehicle was a concept for a high-mobility off-road farmer’s runaround. Only one was built and a lot of testing was carried out at Gaydon.

Work started in 1998 by rooting around local scrap yards where a Subaru Sumo was found. The suspension, engine, gearbox and controls were adapted to fit into a space frame with a pivot just behind the driver. It was pretty unique at the time, with springs on all four corners and the central articulation.

 At the time it was built, Gators and quad bikes were still fairly new on the scene and starting to become popular, so arguably Land Rover’s timing was right. However, it did not go into production.

The development engineers had a bit of a soft spot for it, though, so it was squirreled away which is why it survives today.

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