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1996 Land Rover Concept Vehicle (LCV2)


1996 Land Rover Concept Vehicle (LCV2)

Chassis number: LCV2/04

Registration number: J601 PDE

Engine type: 2.0 Diesel (Freelander)

Gearbox type: Rover car/prototype 5 speed

Vehicle spec:
The Land Rover Concept Vehicle (LCV2) was never intended as a Defender replacement but was a study to evaluate the viability of lightweight construction using a bonded aluminium monocoque shell and other lightweight components.

Only 11 vehicles were built and two survive – this one and a pick-up in the BMIHT museum at Gaydon. Of the 11, four were driveable vehicles, three were for crash-testing, three were body test vehicles and one was the pick-up which was built as a show vehicle with a KV6 engine.

The engine in our vehicle is basically a modified Freelander L Series 2.0 diesel, mounted longitudinally rather than transversely. The gearbox and transfer box are prototypes with synchromesh high/low change.

The car is fitted with coil suspension on the front and air suspension on the rear. Seating is two front and two rear and it has a 92.9” wheelbase, the same as the Defender 90.

It weighs 1,350kg as opposed to around 1,600kg for a standard Defender 90 Station Wagon.

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