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2012 Defender Wolf 110 R+ WMIK

Chassis number: SALLDBA67WA156016

Registration number: R985 NUF

Engine type: 2.8 TDi Diesel

Gearbox type: 4 Speed Automatic

Vehicle spec:
This Wolf 110” is a replica constructed from three damaged prototypes of the R+WMIK (Weapons Mount Installation Kit) that was the final stage of the WMIK upgrade programme.

The WMIK has been through a series of developments, evolving to suit the requirements of the theatre it found itself operating in. This one is fitted with the Ricardo 2.8 TDi diesel engine and 4 speed Discovery automatic gearbox.

Production vehicles used an (E) WMIK base and 50 were converted during 2011/12. These vehicles are far from standard having air lockers, 4:1 diff ratio, lower ratio transfer box, massive Dana rear axle, bigger brakes, uprated suspension to take a 4.1 tonne gross weight, armoured floor and side protection, Bowman radio kit, heavy duty run-flat wheels, infra red lamps and modified bulkhead.

The top ring could be used for three types of weapon. The swing out arms on the side carry ditch crossing ramps.